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Mountpark Sered is a new industrial / logistics development with design and build options from 5,000 to 100,000+ sqm. This park suits especially large scale requirements. Expansion: Delivery in its 1st phase at circa. 125,000 sqm with further expansion in phase 2 at additional 88,000 sqm. Consent: The site has a valid planning permission. When you occupy a Mountpark building, we understand that innovation, function and sustainability are demanded in the modern world of logistics.
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The site is located in the centre of significant production facilities such as PSA in Trnava (17 km), the main TESCO hard-line hub in Gán (7 km) and the Sony plant in Nitra (35 km). Bratislava is approx. 60 km distant. The site is directly located at the A1 (Trnava/Nitra) and connects it within 8 km with D1 (Bratislava/Zilina). Logistics and supply chain efficiencies are all about location and Mountpark Sered is strategically located for that reason. It is situated in the heart of the main production and automotive triangle in Slovakia, with direct access to the highway.

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